Processing the Past Life Regression Therapy Training by Dr. Brian Weiss at Omega

IMG_1185 by you.

My Path at Omega by DASG

Will I ever land?  Do I want to?  Yesterday I found myself  compelled to indiscriminately point out the many truths floating in my conscious mind to my poor husband, as he was the closest  ear.  Thankfully for him there was a time that I needed to end the day with sleep and so to stop the constant flow of chatter.  This morning there is a peaceful knowing that I do not need to change the world (or my husband), in one day, and interestingly found myself at our local grocery store by 7am in the health food section to find the smells that most describe my experience.  Lavender and  eucalyptus (however feeling there is something missing from my mixture).  I have to smile at all of this.  I have NEVER bought oils before (as I think of Toni saying, you were a witch, in that lovely Australian accent).  As I rubbed the oils onto my wrists I felt I could relax and found comfort in the knowing that I have all of eternity to accomplish my tasks.

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~ by soulstrand on August 2, 2009.

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